I’m underwater, I can’t breathe
Drunk on the poison you poured for me
Suffocating under the weight of the night
Where we toasted dreams under starlight
The world around me is clear,
Yet I am blind
My underwater prison is both my heaven and hell
Bound by my shards of pleasure and pain
As I lose consciousness, only one thought remains
That starlit dream long gone away
Source of my joy and pain
I’m underwater, I can’t breathe
I’ve long since overdosed on the poison you poured for me


Set me free and see me roar
Even with my wings clipped,
I’ll make the wind roar
Wait and watch, wait and watch
I begin from the top

Set me free and see me melt the sun
Even when I’m falling down
I’ve already won
Wait and watch, wait and watch
I already own the world

What do you fear?
I’m already free
Even in your chains,
I’ve begun my journey
Take a chance, set me free
The wind is roaring, the sun is melting
Even when bound here,
I’m already winning

Just sit back and watch
My flight of glory,
Soon, all you’ll be is dust
For even though my wings are broken
I’m still flying
Even though you think I’ve lost
I’ve already won


Down, down I go

To that place no one knows

Hidden in the shadows

That place far beyond reach

of light and peace

Pulling me, killing me, birthing me

As my wounds fester and the soul shatters

The cycle renews

Up and down, up and down

Till I can’t breathe anymore

Save Me

Razors on my skin
But is it knives or words making me bleed,
Cutting me deep,
I can’t tell anymore
A misfit, an outcast, a black sheep
I’ve been them all
Lonely in a crowd, screaming into the silence
I’ve done it all
I’m tired, tired
Done with it all
I just want to let go and sleep
Sleep, sleep, sleep for eternity
Is there anything worth holding on?
Save me, look at me, tell me it’s alright

Before I let go, let go, let go…

Have you met someone with more scars than smiles?
So far gone, they can’t breathe any more,
Go to them, go to them right now!
Embrace them and tell them
Your scars are your honour, not your shame
Please remember happiness can be found in the darkest of times
You just gotta turn on the lights
Don’t give up on that light yet
Give life a chance
Find your rainbow, your moonlit sky,
That secret hiding place, that puppy which makes you smile
Embrace someone when you’re cold
Embrace yourself when it gets hard
Hold on for just a moment,
Take just one more deep breath
Don’t give up just yet
There is still one more smile to be had,
One more warmth to be felt
One more life to be lived.


This was written on account of World Suicide Prevention Day. If you are going through a rough time, reach out. Even though it’s extremely difficult right now, try to hold on. The pay off will be worth it.


I have only just begun to breathe again
Let me savour this lull in time
That faraway voice
That stonecold warmth
Have just brought me back to life again
Crossing the bridges that I once burned
Facing the me I ran away from
I have only just begun to dream again

Wait a moment, slow down
I have only just begun to breathe again
My legs are still unsteady
My world is still forming
Let me find peace in this chaos

Still weaving my broken hopes
Still forming anew from the ashes
I have just begun to see again
I have yet to embrace the moon
I have yet to conquer this world
So hold still a moment
I have only just begun to breathe again

Seven Days and Seven Nights

For seven days and seven nights
The people cried
as their king died
in the river of fire

For seven days and seven nights
It poured
rivers of blood

Not all those who play with fire burn
He said

For seven days and seven nights
No one heard his screams
Over the dragons’ roars

For seven days and seven nights
Death danced in a giddy trance
Delighting in the Dragon’s vengence

For seven days and seven nights
The people prayed
as their king died
in the river of fire

Through seven centuries and seven civilizations
They have prayed hence


She sleeps, she sleeps
Far, far away
Across the ocean, over the mountains
Deep, deep into the woods

She sleeps, she sleeps
For eternity
Cradled by Death
Guarded by Life

She sleeps, she sleeps
Alone in her prison
The light her enemy
The dark her ally

Listen, listen to the tales of old
Spoken through seven ages
And still spoken true

Beware, beware of the temptress far away
Those who dare are caught in the snare
Like the chivalrous knight
Like the pompous prince
Like the brave fool
Like the coward king
Of long, long ago

Hush now, be quiet
Lest she hear you

Doom rises, doom rises
And the darkness swallows the light
When the one who sleeps
The one who sleeps